Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Flowtron BK 40 Review

Flowtron BK 40E was installed in Freudenberg Filteration Technologies, Sanaswadi, Pune. The employees who work in the evening and night shifts face severe mosquito and biting insect problem. 

Our team had asked for a demonstration, so as decided, we reached there at 8.15 pm. As soon as we got down from the car, we immediately got first hand experience of the mosquito problem there. We got bitten several times by mosquitoes while we were doing formalities at security gate.

We took a round of the premises and located the source of the mosquito. Now we had the big problem. There was no single source from where the mosquitoes were coming. There were multiple places where the employees were working and mosquitoes were sucking their blood.

Finally we decided to place B K 40 and start it. So we fitted the machine and started it. To our surprise, the first bug was zapped within 10 seconds and then the zapping did not stop till the time we left the premises. There was a continuous sound "chit-chat" sound that was heard from the long distance.See the video below.

 There was one more thing. Even though the killing was happening at 100 mosquitoes every 30 seconds, there was no smoke, no smell of burnt mosquitoes and there was no clogging of high voltage grid. All the mosquitoes were just falling down.

Before switching the BK 40 on, we had placed a white paper beneath it to collect the dead mosquitoes. We also took "Before" and "After" pictures of this paper. Just see below. It was unbelievable. 



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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Mosquito Killing solutions

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The best mosquito killer machines are now available in Pune, India. The equipment are imported from USA and technology is patented.

The Expert in Mosquito and flying insect Killer machines

Flowtron, established 1974, have been a leader in developing technologies of indoor-outdoor biting insect control in USA. We are proud to be associated with Flowtron and we are authorized Distributor for Flowtron Products in Pune Region and rest of Maharashtra.  Now stop worrying about Malaria, Dengue and Chikungunya. Now you have the the best mosquito control technologies and machines working for safeguarding you and your family. 

The coverage range starts with 30 feet killing radius to 140 feet killing radius. It is ideal for gardens, garden restaurants, terrace restaurants, hotels, hospitals, yards, etc. The mosquito killing machines are equally effective indoor and outdoor

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The machines are electricity operated and does not cause any harm to humans, animals or environment.
We have Satisfied customers in Gujrat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh. If you are seek of mosquitos in your premises, call us now.

All these mosquito control equipment are available in Pune. We also provide post sale service
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